Our name has been a guarantee
of quality since 1972.

We continue to serve some of the
biggest companies in the industry.

We do grinding work with constant attention to detail.

Rolling around our services

Rolling around our services


We have been doing grinding work since 1972 and have served all the major companies in the business, manufacturers and end users. Our name has always been a guarantee of quality. The Maintenance Division was developed to offer complete services for cylinders and presses, with or without crown, up to the largest sizes available on the market. Our highly precise equipment allows us to reach the tolerance range even in special applications, when just a few thousandths of millimeter make the difference.

Assembly and Maintenance

The Assembly Division is constantly in operation, performing complete reconditioning procedures on suction presses and maintenance for cylinders, presses and even vacuum pumps, to provide to our customers with the full service they need. We dismantle every single part to clean it, check it and accurately inspect the amount of wear in order to determine the best reconditioning solutions. It's very important for us to constantly keep in touch with our customers to select the best solutions, effectively balancing service time, costs and quality requirements in relation to the situation at hand. Our extensive experience and training courses have helped us reach a very high level of technical skill related to failure and damage analysis, and to bearings in particular.


Supply Division

We can offer our customers a full service package including the supply of spare parts and maintenance of rolling parts to help customers simplify the management of maintenance for rolling parts, allowing them to rely on a single supplier, reducing the down time and containing costs. We can also supply new parts, manufactured in our workshop, and make technical modifications in order to increase reliability or improve performance.

Complete list of services

> cylinder and press maintenance
> reconditioning of suction presses
> and spare part supply
> grinding
> dynamic balancing
> maintenance of gearboxes
> vacuum pump service
> modification and upgrade for
> construction elements
> production of mechanical parts
> bearing inspection
> dimensional inspection
> cylinder and press coverings*
> covering repairs
> reconditioning of bearings seating
> vibrational analysis
> non-destructive testing
> high-precision machining

* through sub-contractors