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Established in Lucca in 1972, S.TO.R.I Srl specializes in provinding support for the maintenance of paper and converting machines. Cylinder and press grinding has been the core business for many years. Over time, the range of services has expanded, adding new types of coating and maintenance, up to complete reconditioning of suction presses, spare parts supply and diagnostic services. Today S.TO.R.I offers complete maintenance packages for the rotating parts of paper production and transformation machines, and counts among its main customers the largest industrial groups around the world.

The company is part of a production area of over 50,000 square meters. Its workshop is equipped with state of the art tools and machinery, suitable for all machining and a highly specialized team of professionals.

S.TO.RI works in synergy with Toscotec, a leading company in the design and construction of paper machines in the Tissue and Paper & Board sector, which is why its services are made available to Toscotec customers through the YES department, Your Expert Service.


The Grinding Department can process cylinders of any material, with or without crown, up to the maximum dimensions currently available in the market. The high precision machines allow to reach the high tolerances required in the most particular applications, where a few thousandths of a millimeter make the difference.

Erection and maintenance

The Assembly Department is constantly dedicated to the reconditioning of suction press rolls, to the maintenance of cylinders, press rolls and even of vacuum pumps. Each individual component is disassembled, cleaned and thoroughly inspected to verify its state of wear and identify the best solution for its overhaul. S.TO.R.I technicians agree and share all maintenance work on with the customer, in order to respond to the customer's needs in terms of time, cost and performance.

Through many years of work and continuous training, S.TO.RI technicians gained significant experience. This led S.TO.RI to reach a high technical level in the field of failure analysis and damage, in particular concerning the bearings.

Spare Parts

We offer a complete package of services, including spare parts, as the only supplier. This makes things easier for the customer, when they manage the maintenance of their machines, and reduces times and costs of procurement. In order to increase machine reliability and performance, S.TO.R.I workshop supplies both components of creation ex novo and technical modifications to existing parts.


We are proud of our team. The right people in the right place. Every employee makes an important contribution and is part of our big family. This spirit is what S.TO.R.I has created over the years. This spirit is what motivates us today, gives us the enthusiasm and the energy to go ahead and further.

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The enthusiasm and responsiveness of S.TO.R.I. come from its people. A team of professionals whose strong point is teamwork. Great synergy, technical ability and flexibility are the prerequisites to understand and anticipate the needs of customers and to ensure a high performance response.


Thanks to its advanced diagnostic tools, S.TO.R.I. it is able to detect any problem that may not have manifested itself yet and to plan preventive actions.


S.TO.R.I guarantees the quality of the job and the integrity of the materials it uses, so that customers can use the machinery in complete safety.

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